Race Classes for CLASS X MX at Tieton, WA

Class countClassSubclassDisplacementSkill level
1Revolution Two (1987-1996) 125ccC. Novice/Beginner
2Revolution Two (1987-1996) 125ccB. Intermediate
3Revolution Two (1987-1996) 125ccA. Expert
4Revolution Two (1987-1996) open ccC. Novice/Beginner
5Revolution Two (1987-1996) open ccB. Intermediate
6Revolution Two (1987-1996) open ccA. Expert
7Revolution Two (1987-1996)40+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
8Revolution Two (1987-1996)40+open ccB. Intermediate
9Revolution Two (1987-1996)40+open ccA. Expert
10Revolution Two (1987-1996)50+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
11Revolution Two (1987-1996)50+open ccB.  Intermediate
12Revolution Two (1987-1996)50+open ccA. Expert
13Revolution Two (1987-1996)60+open ccC. Nov/Beginner
14Revolution Two (1987-1996)60+open ccB. Intermediate
15Revolution Two (1987-1996)60+open ccA. Expert
16Revolution Two (1987-1996)Womenopen ccC. Novice/Beginner
17Revolution Two (1987-1996)Womenopen ccB. Intermediate
18Revolution Two (1987-1996)Womenopen ccA. Expert
19Y2K (1997-2008) 125cc (2stroke) vs 250 (4stroke)C. Novice/Beginner
20Y2K (1997-2008) 125cc (2stroke) vs 250 (4stroke)B. Intermediate
21Y2K (1997-2008) 125cc (2stroke) vs 250 (4stroke)A. Expert
22Y2K (1997-2008) Open (2stroke) vs. Open (4stroke) C. Novice/Beginner
23Y2K (1997-2008) Open (2stroke) vs. Open (4stroke) B. Intermediate
24Y2K (1997-2008) Open (2stroke) vs. Open (4stroke) A. Expert
25Y2K (1997-2008)30+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
26Y2K (1997-2008)30+open ccB. Intermediate
27Y2K (1997-2008)30+open ccA. Expert
28Y2K (1997-2008)40+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
29Y2K (1997-2008)40+open ccB. Intermediate
30Y2K (1997-2008)40+open ccA. Expert
31Y2K (1997-2008)50+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
32Y2K (1997-2008)50+open ccB. Intermediate
33Y2K (1997-2008)50+open ccA. Expert
34Y2K (1997-2008)Womenopen ccC. Novice/Beginner
35Y2K (1997-2008)Womenopen ccB. Intermediate
36Y2K (1997-2008)Womenopen ccA. Expert
37Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) 125ccC. Novice/Beginner
38Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) 125ccB. Intermediate
39Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) 125ccA. Expert
40Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) open ccC. Novice/Beginner
41Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) open ccB. Intermediate
42Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019) open ccA. Expert
43Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)30+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
44Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)30+open ccB. Intermediate
45Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)30+open ccA. Expert
46Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)40+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
47Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)40+open ccB. Intermediate
48Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)40+open ccA. Expert
49Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)50+open ccC. Novice/Beginner
50Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)50+open ccB. Intermediate
51Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)50+open ccA. Expert
52Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)Womenopen ccC. Novice/Beginner
53Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)Womenopen ccB. Intermediate
54Rev3 Modern 2 stroke (2009-2019)Womenopen ccA. Expert
554 Stroke Modern Support 250 ccC. Novice/Beginner
564 Stroke Modern Support 250 ccB. Intermediate
574 Stroke Modern Support 250 ccA. Expert
584 Stroke Modern Support open ccC. Novice/Beginner
594 Stroke Modern Support open ccB. Intermediate
604 Stroke Modern Support open ccA. Expert
614 Stroke Modern SupportWomenopen ccC. Novice/Beginner
624 Stroke Modern SupportWomenopen ccB. Intermediate
634 Stroke Modern SupportWomenopen ccA. Expert
64Mr. Moto-X (2-Stroke only)125cc Intermediate/Expert 18+
65Mr. Moto-X (2-Stroke only)Open cc Intermediate/Expert 18+
66Youth Pee Wee (PW) PWopen skill
67Youth /50cc /age 4-6age 4-650ccopen skill
68Youth /50cc /age 7-8age 7-850ccopen skill
69Youth /65cc / age 7-11age 7-1165ccopen skill
70Youth / 65cc / Openopen age65ccopen skill
71Youth / 85cc / age 9-12age 9-1285ccopen skill
72Youth /85cc/ age 13-16age 13-1585ccopen skill
73Youth / 85cc / Openopen age85ccopen skill

Race Classes for Sunday Pre-Mix Classic at Helena MT

32:1 Pre-Mix Classic Classes

Pro Classes – $40 Entry Fee

  1. PRO – Open Class – $$$ – Purse
  2. PRO – 125-150cc Class – $$$ – Purse
  3. 30+ PRO-AM – Open Class – $$$ – 100% Payback

Int/Novice Classes – $30 Entry Fee

  • Intermediate – 125cc-150cc
  • Intermediate – Open – 125cc and up
  • Novice – 125cc – 150cc
  • Novice – Open – 125cc and up
  • Beginner (True) – Open – 125cc and up

Youth/Mini Classes – $30 Entry Fee

  • 50cc (4-6) – Age Class
  • 50cc (7-9) – Age Class
  • 50cc – Open (4-9) – Age Class
  • 65cc (6-9) – Age Class
  • 65cc (10-11) – Age Class
  • 65cc – Open (6-11) – Age Class
  • 85cc (7-11) – Age Class
  • 85cc (12-15) – Age Class
  • Supermini – 85cc – 112cc (7-15) – Age Class
  • School Boy (12-17) – 125cc-150cc – Age Class

Vintage/Classic Classes – $30 Entry Fee

  1. Vintage – Open – 1979 and below
  2. Classic 1 – 125cc 1980-88’ (A)
  3. Classic 1 – 125cc 1980-88’ (B)
  4. Classic 1 – Open 1980-88’ (A)
  5. Classic 1 – Open 1980-88’ (B)
  6. Classic 2 – 125cc 1989-02’ (A)
  7. Classic 2 – 125cc 1989-02’ (B)
  8. Classic 2 – Open 1989-02’ (A)
  9. Classic 2 – Open 1989-02’ (B)
  10. 500cc Open Class (A)
  11. 500cc Open Class (B)

Support/4-stroke Classes – $30 Entry Fee

  • 4-Stroke Support Class – Open (A)
  • 4-Stroke Support Class – Open (B)
  • 4-Stroke Support Class – 250cc (A)
  • 4-Stroke Support Class – 250cc (B)

Womens/Sportsman/Vets and Senior Classes – $30 Entry Fee

  • Women’s class – Open 2-stroke class (125cc, 250cc, 500cc) 2002 years and below
  • Women’s class – (A) (250F allowed in women’s class only)
  • Women’s class – (B) (250F allowed in women’s class only)
  • Sportsman Class – (2-stroke only, headlight required) (A)
  • Sportsman Class – (2-stroke only, headlight required) (B)
  • 30+ (B) Open 2-stroke Class
  • 40+ Open 2-stroke Class
  • 50+ Open 2-stroke Class

VINTAGE/CLASSIC Classes Breakdown:

Vintage – Open class: (125cc, 250cc, 500cc) 1979 and below years

Classic 1 – 125cc class: 1980-1988 years

Classic 1 – Open class: (125cc, 250cc, 500cc+) 1980-1988 years

Classic 2 – 125cc class: 1989-2002 years

Classic 2 – Open class: (125cc, 250cc, 500cc+) 1989-2002 years Classic 3 – Women’s class: Open 2-stroke class (125cc, 250cc, 500cc) 2002 years and below

Class X MX – Helena MT

Welcome to Last Chance Raceway!

Hope all of you had a quality drive getting here. We hope you are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of racing, seeing old friends, making new ones and taking in all that our area has to offer. Thank you so much for making the effort to be a part of our event!

When you came through the gate, the charge of $20 per person over the age of 6, covers your gate fee for all weekend. Please put your wristband on so you can go in and out of the gate when you need to. If you are only staying for Saturday, we will cut off your wristband as you leave the gate and refund you $10. Camping is free all weekend. We will be locking the gates at 11:00 pm each night for security and opening them at 5:30 am each morning. If you are staying until Monday, there will be a club officer on site to let out when you are heading home.

Friday Open Practice: Buy your wristband at the front gate for $20. Practice goes from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be separate practices for big bikes and little bikes. If there are a lot of riders, we will also have fast rider and slow rider sessions for safety.

Sign Up: Look for the flag on the upper deck of the lap shack that says “Registration”. Sign up hours are 6:00 – 8:00 pm Friday night, 6:00 -7:00 am and 6:00 -8:00 pm on Saturday; and 6:00 -7:00 am on Sunday. If you registered online, you just need to check in to confirm the classes you are racing and pick up your swag bag. Payment will be CASH ONLY, if you need to pay by credit card please sign-up online. Sign-up online at www.lastchancemx.com under the drop down that says ‘More’.
Rider’s meeting is at 7:30 both days in front of the lap shack. Practice starts at 8:00 am.

Practice Order both days: 1st – Expert / Intermediate (4 laps); 2nd – Novice /Vintage (4 laps); 3rd – Women / Senior (4 laps); 4 th – 85 / 65 riders (4 laps); 5 th – 50’s (3 laps of short track)
Moto Schedule for Saturday will be posted right after practice. Moto schedule for Sunday is included in this packet.

Saturday Night Classic Show & Shine: Entry is FREE! Lots of Prizes! Entry forms will be available on the lap shack deck from 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Fill out your entry and tape it to your front number plate of the bike you are entering. The judging area will be in front of the lap shack.

Pit Bike Race: Register at the lap shack . Entry is $10. Practice starts at 5:00 pm with racing at 5:30 pm. Lots of classes for all pit bikes and riders!
Special thanks goes out to all of our sponsors who helped make all of this happen. Please remember to show your support to those that are helping to make 2 stroke and vintage racing great!
Thank you again for your participation and have a safe and super fun weekend!
The Last Chance Raceway and Class X Crew

We hope you can also take in all that our area has to offer while you are here. Hauser Lake is just 2 miles east of us. Breweries, Historic Tour Train, Restaurants, world class mountain bike trails are just a few of the things to take in around here. In addition, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone are only 3 hours from here.


CLASS X MX heads to Airway MX Park on AUGUST 3RD for Round #4 with a night race and new format.





  • REV II: 1987-1996
  • Y2K: 1997-2008 / 2-Stroke VS 4-Stroke
  • REV III: Modern 2-Stroke 2009-2019
  • Mr. Moto X Cash Class: 125cc & OPEN


$40 ENTRY FEE for the 1st class entered, with additional classes for $30
$10 GATE FEE Wristband

Practice Starts at 8:00 am with 2-moto racing format to follow