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    Fossil Bowl, Idaho
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    Pomeroy Memorial Track - Tieton WA
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Round #1

Pomeroy Memorial Track - Tieton, WA

May 11th

Round #2 & #3

Fossil Bowl MX - Clarkia, ID

July 13th-14th

Round #4

Airway MX Park - Airway Heights, WA (night race)

August 3rd

Round #5

Last Chance Raceway - Helena, MT

September 14th

Round #6 & #7

Horn Rapids Raceway - Richland, WA

September 28th & 29th

Round #8

Pomeroy Memorial Track - Tieton, WA

October 27th

ClassX MX Race Classes Update:

Photos and Feedback from Race #1

The event was spectacular! And even though the work was rough for those whom volunteered during the long weeks before and the night pre race was late… We loved every minute of getting the track as ready as possible and with a smile and a Woopwoop attitude generally!! oh the fun we had the following day! Heers y’all!!!

Some times it is hard to articulate an experience. I was there as a spectator supporting four racers in multiple classes at multiple skill levels. For two of them, this was their very first race ever, one old guy and one young man who had been racing all his life but was just released for weight bearing due to a broken leg. Everyone of them left at the end of the day already planning for the next “Ricky R” race experience. Kudo’s to everyone that volunteered their time, their families time, and there buddy’s time to make this not only happen, but happen successfully. And special thanks to Grant for having a vision and being committed to seeing it through.

Honoring the Legends of Classic Motocross

Photos used courtesy of Toria Donato
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